Snow Day Snow Cream

By Sharon Kebschull Barrett
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Hooray! There’s snow everywhere, and by a whisker, we managed to sneak in a white Christmas.

Boo! There’s snow everywhere. The slush that the few cars driving on our road have created today will turn to a solid sheet of ice in the next few minutes, I think — that mercury is falling as fast as the snow did last night.

But back to hooray — what a gorgeous, powdery snow we got, instead of our standard ice storm. We can’t recall seeing this much snow layered on the trees in a decade. I even briefly stepped in it barefoot, on the deck; before the cold started to hurt, I was struck by its glorious softness.

I didn’t go up on the roof deck, though. We left that pure and undefiled by any boots or bare feet, because no snow as grand as this should go to waste: It must become snow cream.

No recipe for this; let your inner pioneer mom come out and make it up as you go. I like mine with heavy cream, but half-and-half, evaporated milk, or even sweetened condensed milk will work (though I find the last far too sweet). Put some sugar in a mixing bowl, whisk in the cream until you don’t feel much grittiness remaining, give it a strong shot of vanilla, and then fold in clean snow with a spatula, tasting as you go until you have the right sweetness and consistency. You can add other flavors or drizzle it with chocolate syrup, but I like mine pure. Eat it fast, preferably in front of a roaring fire!

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